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  1. Inmates are released from Front Door of Jail and ON FOOT!!!  Yet our officials are not concerned about the safety of our children at the theater, seniors, area business patrons or their employees.
  2. Jail traffic entrance/exit will share Opportunity Drive with these same businesses
  3. What exactly is Jail Traffic?
    1. Inmate Visitors (approximately 60% are from out of town)
    2. Sheriffs regularly rush to emergencies
    3. Semi-truck loads of supplies
  4. Future Jail Expansion
    1. Jail can have 3 more wings the size of the initial wing added
    2. 3 times the inmate visitors (this means 800+ inmates, over four times our current amount)
    3. 3 times the semis
  5. All of this on the same road as teenagers, families, seniors, and buses transporting seniors and patrons of local family businesses
  6. The only reason our officials cite for risking Whitley County citizens in this location is they got a “cheap” land deal for the taxpayers . . . THEY PROBABLY EXPECT A “THANK YOU” FOR THEIR “THRIFTINESS”!
  7. $40 Million project with as little public input as possible!
  8. Rumors are that construction bids are coming in 40% over cost!  If so, the New Jail is now getting closer to the cost of the new high school . . . and yet with NO public input!


IMPORTANT LINKS (An explanation for the importance of these documents coming shortly!)

Amendment to Armstrong Corporate Park Covenants:

March 28, 2022 Joint Commissioner/Council Meeting Minutes:

April 4 County Commissioner Meeting -- minutes (no agenda posted):

April 5 County Council Meeting -- minutes:

April 10, 2022 -- Post & Mail Article:

April 13 County Commissioner Meeting -- posted agenda:

April 18, 2022 Commissioners Meeting Minutes:

May 6 (Apr.18 minutes)  County Commissioner Meeting -- minutes:

Ordinance 2022-04:



The red line highlights the only access to the jail, running past all of these businesses. In either direction, officers rushing to an emergency must navigate 4 stops and 4 turns to get to and from US 30.